Underground Moods embarks on a honest mission to change or enhance your mindset of how music and inspiration can be presented and distributed.

In a time where it feels like promotion and activity in social media is of more importance and value than the music itself, we believe the time is right for an alternative to whats available today. An alternative that puts music back to center and ego to the side.

Envision a music scene where the voice, experience and knowledge of the artists that has put in the work, time and dedication to their craft over a lifetime outshines the networking marketing warriors.

Ask yourself honestly, is this the direction our music culture is heading towards today? We are of that humble opinion that unfortunately it is not. And to get there a shift in mindset is welcomed.

Innovation and modernization of how music is presented and sold will catalyst such shift in mindset and Underground Moods will introduce features that strengthen the vision as well as tickle your fancy.

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